Tuesday, 6 February 2018


The weeks have flown by in a whirl, ladies & gents.
After family time in England over the New Year,
I found myself there again,
this time in East London.

We spent the days presenting our photo books 
arriving after a long day
to cups of tea & chocolate cake,
followed by a glass of red from the honesty bar,
before venturing out to dinner.

Nothing like running a bath last thing at night,
(or first thing in the morning for that matter...)

and falling fast asleep in a canopy bed
fit for a queen.

Somehow it does good for the soul
to offset busyness & people
with a quiet place to crawl into.
Something I need to find every day,
even if a canopy bed is replaced by a nook on the sofa,
music to the ears,
 a walk,
pen to paper,
lens to light,
no distractions. 


All images taken at The Rookery.


Monday, 15 January 2018


Driving down the motorway
from seeing my granny
to catching a plane at Heathrow,
we decided to skip the regular 
roadside service station
& head for some tea in Oxford instead.

Rather than googling what's around,
with so little time at hand
we headed straight to England's first ever coffee house,
which came to mind 
from a previous visit. 
We enjoyed our light lunch
washed down with coffee & tea,
then had about five minutes
to walk down an alluring looking street
on our way back to the car.

Oxford has a spell about it.
You find yourself instinctively
gently brushing the ancient stone walls
as you walk past,
as if something of the wise & exquisite
would rub off as you pass.

There's always a next time,
I'm sure.


Sunday, 14 January 2018


here's to Sunday afternoons,
cups of coffee, music
& an escape into one's
digital darkroom.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018


"I'm looking at a life unfold
Dreaming of the green and gold
Just like the ancient stone
Every sunrise I know
Those eyes you gave to me
That let me see
Where I come from..."

(named the post 
& realised there was a song for that...)

  A few green & old glimpses from where half of me
& my other half come from...
Lush plants in Hastings at the top,
Air & Space Hall in Manchester,
where we visited my brother & his family, 
followed by a visit to my aunty and grandma 
in the Midlands. 

An ancient tombstone in the tiny village of Eynsford,
where the two of us escaped for breakfast 
the morning after a village wedding,
where husband's 79-year-old aunt
was totally outshining us younger ones 
on the dance floor :) 

  Late afternoon coffee in Brighton,
as the sun was going down.
Aunties, grannies, cousins, friends,
lovely little places...
Plenty of gold nuggets crammed into a week.


Sunday, 7 January 2018


We spent the days around New Year
with my husband's side of the family
in Hastings,
on the south coast of England. 
A place where as soon as you wake up,
you feel the sea. 

The old part of town has a charm of its own,
with plenty of antique & vintagey shops,
like new discovery Warp & Weft,
with its vintage & tailor-made pieces.

Words from their website
that illustrate the season at hand:
"During the coldest months, 
the natural colour palette is stripped back to monochrome. 
Therefore, texture becomes everything. 
Trees that stand black against the looming skies 
glisten silver in the low Sun. 
Bracken shines bronze alongside ochre and umber hedgerows.
I think of silhouetted crows,
scavenging in snow-covered fields;
ink drawings on Manila paper,
and powdered faces emerging from ebony frames
of seventeenth-century Dutch portraits.
The black mink hat,
and ivory silk,
reveal themselves when seen by candlelight."

Then there's the incredible A.G Hendy & Co.
The fireplaces were lit 
and the floorboards creaked,
as we wandered around the rooms
that whisk to a bygone era. 

But it's always the sea
where you begin and end,
leaving its mark on everything. 


Sunday, 24 December 2017


Wishing you every good thing
this Christmas time.

Looking forward to catching up
again in the New Year. 


Thursday, 21 December 2017


post-3rd Advent breakfast of rice porridge and cinnamon.
the sparkle of the Christmas tree outside 
the stunning Turku Cathedral
snapped during a day of work in the town.
little moments of comfort & glow
in the dark season. 

it's nearly time... 

presents wrapped up,
work pretty much wrapped up. 
been taking stock a little
of the year that's about to end.
so much to be thankful for,
some gentle adjustments to make.

wishing you
& charm 
& plenty of calm.


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